July 23, 2014

Pod Journal: Girlfriend Edition

My girlfriend helped me with my last entry, which is why it actually looks like a thing. She also wanted to play around a little herself. She's always been artistic, she almost went to art school before deciding on education. Anyway, here's what she did. She forced me to agree not to claim it as my own.

She doesn't play EVE, hasn't ever played EVE, and never wants to try EVE, but she still had fun with this picture. She decided to paint one of my favorite ships!

Have I mentioned how much better she is compared to me?


  1. obligatory comment

  2. No guns. Must have neuts.

  3. Nice!!! She really captured the personality of the ship! No more cheating, though :) You only get better by doing it yourself.

  4. I did one right before her - it's the previous post! Hers is way better!