July 19, 2014

Pod Journal: ATXII!

Noir. has been putting in some hard hours for this year's tournament. I haven't been able to participate much, unfortunately, but I've seen the work that the guys have been doing. I have high hopes for us this year, and I think we'll impress some folks. Once it's all said and done, this is what I'm presenting the corp - no matter what!


  1. Good luck in the tourney! And love seeing this #podjournal post!

    Your comment on Twitter expressed some "not quite getting it yet with watercolor mixing". Based on what I see, you're not working wet enough for the paint to "dance". Have a look at this video by excellent watercolorist Iain Stewart...look how wet he works, and how he lets the colors blend...also notice how big the puddles are in his palette off to the side. Working to dry with too tiny of puddles is the most common pitfall I see when teaching watercolor workshops.


    Keep painting!

  2. I should have thought of looking up videos on youtub forever ago! This will definitely help me to keep an eye on how thick the paint is.