July 30, 2013

Can Anything Stop the CFC?

Now that the Fountain war is all but over, TEST has decided to pull back to Delve, and 6VDT is behind us, I look to the future.  But I'm not sure it's very bright.

For as long as they've both been around, the HBC and CFC have had a quasi stalemate, neither organization making or attempting to make any all out assaults.  That all changed once TEST left HBC and Odyssey rolled out, of course.  We're all
well aware of the current events in EVE right now, so let's not dwell on that too much. Instead, let's speculate on what these recent events may foretell for the future of EVE.

According to Dotlan, TEST alliance is still the second largest alliance as far as sovereignty, as far as outposts go.  They lead the members list by a pretty decent margin, too.  So how is it that CFC was able to roll through a slightly larger force relatively easily?  Well, finances, for one.  A lot has been spoken on TESTS financial state recently, so we won't dwell on that much either.  In fact, TEST probably won't be mentioned much more from here on out.  I just wanted to make a comparison between the strengths of TEST and CFC, at least on paper.  Now we'll talk about what that means for the Goons.

If Goonswarm & Co. can take on the largest single alliance, crippling and marginalizing their existence in a few months, is there any hope for any other alliance?  Granted, at this point there doesn't seem to be any real reason for CFC to launch another offensive anywhere else in the galaxy, but what if there was?  What if another alliance, equal to the strength of TEST (or maybe even larger), held something of value to CFC?  Could they ever hope to hold it?

Purely from recent events, I'd say no.  The logistical strength accompanied with the numbers and activity of CFC seem to be too strong for any real opposition to rise up against them.  An organization would have to appear overnight that is immediately as powerful as the CFC to have a chance; they'd squash any rising powers that they viewed as a threat before they could actually become a threat.

Now, personally, I'd love for nullsec to be a fractured environment, dozens of equally small entities fighting tooth and nail over valuable resources.  But I think nullsec organizations are a lot like the mafia: they're ready to fight, ready to kill, but they'd rather split the profits and have peace if it means the Dons can still rake in the money with little real threat.  I don't know if there's ever a way that nullsec groups will not gravitate towards a unified front, trying to deflect any potential dangers to their income stream.

But even if they all group together, how could they possibly resist the CFC?


  1. For years, the HBC and CFC have had a quasi stalemate

    HBC started last spring and the CFC and HBC worked together last summer to curbstomp -A-

  2. Yeah, I changed the time frame - good catch! But, even against -A-, they've always been "enemies of my enemies" type of allies, to the best of my knowledge. If I'm mistaken in this, please point out a source and I'll edit appropriately!

    1. HBC but not including TEST yes. TEST and the CFC really started to grow apart after the -A- stomp

  3. Ok, that was my understanding as well and why I wrote HBC and CFC rather than TEST and CFC. I'm not really trying to give a detailed history of their feud, but rather just pose the question - what will it take to defeat CFC?

  4. I think any opponent of the CFC can learn from the modern-day insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, and even Vietnam.

    Id say that guerrilla warfare is the answer now. A large head-on attack clearly isnt viable anymore, and probably never will be. But if opponents begin roaming in small-medium fleets, hitting CFC areas then retreating before the CFC can mount a meaningful response will put enough pressure on the CFC to force them to spread their forces thin in order to defend their territory. Id say its a lot like the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.

  5. I see three ways to beat the CFC.

    1) Outplay them at the own game. Easier said than done as they are pretty much masters of the meta game. Look how in a couple of weeks they managed to turn around an extinction level threat into a victory. Those that could be bought off were paid, those that could be occupied by an external threat were given a 2nd front. Pressure was applied elsewhere via the hiring of Mercs leaving the isolated middle to take the brunt of the Supercapital stick at point blank.
    It'll be an impressive group of guys & girls that pull that on the CFC.

    2) Eve-online relentless dog piles on the CFC which frankly isn't going happen. They are so diverse that it would be difficult to paint them a "x type" of alliance assuming you can take on a propaganda machine.

    3) Don't compete with them, deny them fights, give them the whole of Eve for 2-3 months and see if they quit eve because they won it :-)